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Comments about I Just Want To Shoot Pictures...

I Just Want To Shoot Pictures instantly made me recall how inspired I became when I first heard Dave LaBelle at a speaking engagement. His passion, coupled with a genuine love of the human spirit comes across so blatantly and encourages others to go out in search of their own creative yearnings. I can think of nothing more refreshing than a master of photography who reminds us of the true heart behind this kind of work. Many thanks to Dave for a wonderful read and compassionate mentoring!

Stacy La Mascus
Brooks Institute


Comments about the original The Great Picture Hunt...

In This, my thirty-seventh year as a journalist, I have finally found a book that puts ego and self-promotion behind sharing the sheer delight of life. It refuses to ponder, it simply celebrates. I can add The Great Picture Hunt to the limited list that I recommend to youngsters looking for direction and not-so-youngsters seeking a refreshing approach.

Tom Defeo
The Sun, Bremerton, Wash.

The Great Picture Hunt is a gem. The test is eminently readable and filled with sound advise reinforced with appropriate anecdotes. It should be required reading for newspaper photographers and for those who aspire to join them.

Angus McDougall
Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri

It’s reassuring to know that photojournalist such as Dave LaBelle continue to record genuine, candid moments in the lives of people and pass along skills that years of experience have taught. As craftsmen done for centuries, he is helping to ensure the continuation of a simple, but eloquent, tradition and art. The Great Picture Hunt is a rich educational opportunity that offers insight from a photographer with heart at a crucial point in the evolution of photography.

George Wedding
Photographer of the Year 1980

The real reason we wanted this speaker was the simple fact taht he is possibly the best, most prolific enterprise feature photographer this profession has ever known.

J. Bruce Bauman
Pittsburgh Press

The Great Picture Hunt is more than just a “how to” photography book, it is a book about life.

Rolf Miller
Gospel preacher


David LaBelle the instructor...


I was contacted by David's wife, after she took a look at the Rio Mesa High School website, and discovered that we have a Digital Photography program.  She asked if it would be possible for him to come out to do a presentation to the photo students.  I had never met David before, but after looking into his credentials, decided that it would be a positive experience for the kids.  After the first 10 minutes of his presentation I realized that we had struck gold!  The first presentation was just to my first photo class of the day.  By the second presentation, other instructors were bringing their students down.  By the end of the day, my room was packed with over 200 eager and attentive young people and instructors from other departments!  Every presentation, every hour, was different but with the same consistent, positive, and up-lifting message.  What a treasure to have a person of his caliber, experience, and presentation ability offer his time to high school kids.  I would encourage any school, district, or group, to take advantage of this wonderful resource.  After reading one of his books, I am now incorporating many of his concepts, goals and ideas into my curriculum.  I have also ordered up all the other publications that he has produced.  Truly, you just don't get to meet people like David Labelle every day.  All the kids had the same question for me the next class day..............WHEN CAN WE GET HIM BACK AGAIN!

Jeff Maxwell
Teacher of Industrial Arts and Digital Photography
Rio Mesa High School
Oxnard Union High School District

David LaBelle has enabled me to take my life-long love of photography to an entirely new level--one in which the technicalities of F-stops, shutter speeds and ISOs no longer hold my creative vision back. The 'Great Mystery' is resolved--thanks to a great hands-on instructor with an excellent sense of how to challenge his students while also providing the basic tools to achieve new creative and technical heights. I feel very fortunate to have met Dave along my photographic journey. I know his thoughtful and insightful words will echo within as I photograph into the future....

Holly Roberts
(Ojai Student)

It is often said that a great photographer captures the true emotions of his subject.  While this is certainly true of David LaBelle, what I find most compellingis his own genuine spirit that is revealed through his work. David’s compassion and love of humankind is an inspiration to students of all levels. The lessons he has taught me transcend the technical details.  How fortunate I am to call David “teacher, mentor and friend.”


Susan Bender
(Ojai Student)

Rick Loomis testimonial

Rick Loomis
Los Angeles Times

October 3, 2008

(run time 2:45)

Barry Guteirrez testimonial

Barry Gutierrez
Rocky Mountain News

October 3, 2008

(run time 2:03)

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